Welcome to the Aberdeen Geological Society webpage. Our members are a lively mix of professionals and amateurs, with a shared enthusiasm for all things geological. We aim to attract members of all ages and disciplines. Our aim is to enjoy geology, sharing knowledge and experience, whatever your starting point.

We run a winter lecture programme, accommodated at the Meston Building at Aberdeen University Kings Campus. These include Christmas events with raffles and refreshments, also at our spring AGM with travelogues, rock auctions and yet more refreshments! In the summer months we run a number of excursions of various durations at localities around Scotland.

We publish on this website a number of Excursion Guides, to which members have free access. Many of these are updates on those featuring in the now out-of-print ‘Geology of the Aberdeen Area’ edited by Trewin, Kneller and Gillen. Two of these excursions are available to download free of charge, but the remainder are for fully paid-up members only. To gain access to this protected content, please join our Society, or contact a committee member for discretionary access. All our Aberdeen Field Excursions can be found on the Field Guide page of this website.

To join our Society, please go to the Register page, and follow instructions there.